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The Sursagar cleaning and beautification project is finally expected to see the light of the day. The project has been discussed since 2011, but no concrete development has taken place on it since then

The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) that is looking to clear as many projects as possible before the model poll code is implemented, has also taken up the Sursagar project. While the civic body was earlier looking to tender works for cleaning and beautification separately, it has now decided to do so in the same tender

The VMC will be spending Rs 38.09crore on the project and a proposal in this regard has been put up before the standing committee. It is for the first time that a concrete proposal for cleaning the pond has been placed before the panel. Earlier, only a proposal for beautifying the pond and developing it as a recreational space was put before the committee in 2014

The civic body was all set to beautify the pond at a cost of Rs 24 crore even as little thought was given to cleaning it. The issue of cleaning the pond was taken up seriously only after the elected functionaries who came to power in December 2015 put brakes on the beautification project stating that it would make no sense if the water body continued to raise a stink. The beautification project was cleared in 2014 and a formal ceremony to kick off work was also performed in October, 2014. The Sursagar project has been debated since 2011 after it came to light that the pond was amongst the worst polluted ones in the bigger cities of the state. While the initial focus was on cleaning it and reviving it as a water body, somewhere down the line the city fathers became more keen on beautifying it and developing it. Pond will be emptied

After debating various techniques to remove the settlement at the bottom of Sursagar, the Vadodara Municipal Corporation has eventually decided to empty it. After draining the water, the work on removing the settlement that largely comprises of plaster of Paris will be taken up

The idea of emptying the pond was first discussed in September 2016, but was abandoned later. In May this year, the VMC decided that the pond should be cleaned using modern underwater dredging techniques without emptying it

But the idea of underwater dredging was dropped again in June this year and it was decided that the pond should be emptied. Sources said that the approach to the project was changed as the elected wing was wary that with underwater dredging not showing visible results, the VMC may face allegations and questions may be raised about the work

A pipeline will now be laid from the Sursagar to drain water into the Vishwamitri river. After this the settlement at the bottom will be allowed to dry for around 30 days. The material at the bottom will then be dug up with excavators

| Updated on: 12 - Oct - 2017
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