Private Sector | Chandigarh - India | PID: 172289
Chandigarh municipal corporation (MC) has started developing sites in the southern sectors of the city for rehabilitation of street vendors

The authorities have identified a total of 40 sites divided into four zones for as many as 21,622 street vendors. The vending zones have been identified based on the number of footfall, nature of roads' width and movement of pedestrians. Sharing the details with media persons, MC commissioner Jatinder Yadav said sites will be developed in all the four zones

The corporation recently carried out a drive for allotting license to street vendors by charging prescribed fee. The civic body has raised around Rs 1.50 crore from street vendors. "We will use the funds gathered from street vendors for developing sites for them," informed Yadav

The Chandigarh municipal corporation has framed by-laws for street vendors in chandigarh, which have been approved by the house and street vending committee. Area around heritage structures, government buildings, educational institutes and hospitals has been declared as no vending zone

As per the norms, no vendor will be allowed in areas specified under Chandigarh Heritage Conservation Committee (CHCC) and around 100 meters of government buildings, hospitals, schools and colleges. Vendors will also not be allowed within 50 meters from any crossing of two or more roads and roundabouts. V1, V2 and V3 roads have also been declared as no vending zones. A street vendor must not obstruct movement of pedestrian and vehicles according to norms laid down. They will have to stay away from doorways, entrances, fires exists adjacent to the street

Vendors should not obstruct any utilities like water supply, sewerage and electricity installation. The vendors cannot sell any illegal goods and occupy more space than allocated by the committee. The norms impose ban on use of loud speakers, sound systems and plastic bags

The corporation will impose fine on vendors violating the norms. The erring vendors will have to pay Rs 500 as fine for the first violation, Rs 1,000 for the second and Rs 2,000 for the third violation. After third violation, the vendor's license will be cancelled and he will have to apply for a license again after paying the prescribed fee

Unauthorised street vendors will be charged with a fine of Rs 15,000. The corporation has fixed the fee to be charged from the vendors. There will be 10% annual increase in vending fee. The corporation will give 25% discount to disabled, women and old-aged vendors. The fee will be deposited on a monthly basis

| Updated on: 13 - Jan - 2018
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