Central Government/Public Sector | Not Classified - South Africa | PID: 189424
South Africa is set to develop a pioneering one MW wave-energy pilot project aimed to supply clean electricity to a large-scale Hermanus abalone farm in the Western Cape. The world-first solution has been developed in response to Abagold’s search for a clean alternative that is able to consistently match the abalone farm’s three MW, around-the-clock electricity requirement. The development is estimated to cost USD 15 million which will be a first-of-its-kind project with equity investments from the Industrial Development Corporation, angel investors and aquaculture group Abagol. The pilot site is being constructed using locally developed technology, as well as domestic expertise, materials and manufacturing. Upon completion, the plant will supply electricity to drive Abagold’s pumps and blowers. Upon approval of a full environmental impact assessment report, Mean Sea Level (MSL) plans to construct a larger 3.5 MW commercial wave-power plant at an adjacent sea-front site on the same property. The plant will also receive grant funding from EEP Africa, a multidonor fund that provides early-stage financing to innovative clean-energy projects. | Updated on: 19 - Jun - 2019
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